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Life can throw a monkey wrench in your plans sometimes.  Have you lost someone and don't have enough time and energy to deal with it all? Have you had to move someone into a small living situation and need to deal with everything that couldn't downsize? Perhaps you need help going through memories and belongings of a life you have inherited. 

Do you want everything sorted, organized, and arranged in a way you can come in and make decisions in a shorter amount of time? 

Do you need a hand just getting started, maybe you are stuck with in the middle with tons of emotions blocking your way ahead, or are you just exhausted and finally finishing going through everything and organizing it is just too much?

You want the peace of mind of knowing the belongings will be treated with dignity and discretion in whatever way you want and need them to be handled? 

We do not run Estate Sales - we help sort through and organize what is left behind so you can make decisions easier.



Need to move, and have no time to organize and sort the entire house before packing? Are you downsizing and need to sort what to take and what to do with the remaining items? Dreading unpacking all those boxes and setting up the new home just how you want everything?

What if you could get more time by having things where they need to be? With busy lives, we are always looking for ways of finding more time and energy. We need more hours in the day. What else could you do with 15 minutes more every day from not having to search for things?

Wish the large jobs could be smaller and more manageable? Need a new organization system for the papers you have and the ones coming? Want someone with an MBA and over 15 years experience in organizing paperwork for both government and private homeowners to set up or modify your existing paper storage system?


Our Mission

To be supportive, non-judgmental, helpful, and keep you moving toward your goal.  

We offer a strong work ethic, efficient and effective experience, compassion, trust, and a touch of humor. 

 You will not have to get rid of anything you do not want to.


Peace of Mind

We are an American-woman-military-spouse-owned-small business that is registered with the State of Florida, bonded, and insured. 

You, your belongings, and memories will be treated with dignity and respect. 

 Your peace of mind and privacy is of the up most importance to us.

Service Area

 Serving the towns of Cape Canaveral,  Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Island Harbor Beach, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Patrick AFB, Rockledge, Satellite Beach, South Patrick Shores, Viera, and West Melbourne. 


There are not many pictures here because we work with people’s lives, history, stories, and memories. Not something we could display for the world to see. Many of the pictures here are our personal ones and carry a bit of a story with them. 


Thank you for your interest in Space Coast Organizing, Inc.'s services. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are not scheduling in person consultations or sessions. For suggestions, ideas and tips on a variety of topics please visit our Facebook page. Please stay safe and contact us by phone or email if needed.

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