Real Lives - Estate Organizing


Estate: (n) property owned by a particular person


That is just part the legal definition. There was and is so much more to a life. There are messes, memories, treasures, and all the other items that make up that person and what they meant to you.

Your Time and Energy are Valuable


Have you inherited a family estate and need to sort through it all? Need help sorting, laying things out so decisions can be made about what to keep, what you want to go to friends and family, and what can contribute to someone else life in the future? There are so many emotions and things that need to be done when someone passes. An extra set of hands can make a long drawn out process go faster and help you find peace, order, and

Time Limitations


Normally, estates do not come to the family as fully cleaned out homes with all the belongings neatly categorized and organized in ready to transport containers. 

We understand the limitations of time for taking on a large-scale organization. The guilt that can be felt in giving up the items or by others (truly well-meaning family and friends), who want to make sure you take everything, even in you don’t have the space or the desire for the items. 

Attention to Details


Some tasks truly require your full attention and others a simply time consuming and emotionally draining.

We can do the time-consuming tasks of going through clothing pockets, purses, and drawers. Help sort and organize photos, paper work, kitchen items, linens and household items. Package up the belongings you want for your transport, or help find new homes for other items. This is by no means the full extent of our services.