Move Coordinator


Your Life, Your Time, Your Needs

Are you moving and need to go through your belongings before or as you pack them? 

Is your home "show ready" to put it on the market?

Are you moving and don't have time to pack? 

Do you need someone to unpack and set up your new house so it can become your home sooner?

What We Do

**Move Management and Oversight** From packing the boxes, coordinating moving with the transportation company, to setting up your new residence. - Space Coast Organizing has you covered.

**Packing and Unpacking ** If your goal is to move yourself or have a company do the lifting and toting, the boxes still have to get packed ahead of time and eventually unpacked. 

Personal Moving Stories

 As a retired military spouse with plenty of moves under my belt I have learned a few tricks to help make packing and unpacking go smoother and easier. 

During one move, we had a group of government provided packers put a broken container of mayo in a box with pots and pans and table cloths then transport them for a week in a hot truck... we don't want that for anyone else.